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Edward Kundahl, President of BusinessCreator, Announces the Introduction of an All New Offering That Makes Service Listings Actionable

The Brand new Services makes business placements in online search engine and website directories actionable, enabling consumers to effortlessly request appointments with your company

ALLENTOWN, Pa., December 18, 2017 (Newswire.com) - Edward Kundahl, president and owner of BusinessCreator Inc., a lead generation and local area search marketing strategy agency, is pleased to introduce the availability of a new program designed to make business listings in search engine result actionable.

Edward Kundahl stated, "Customers are altering how and when they connect with local businesses. According to a Google survey, 80 percentage of users will look for a company online and a third of them are searching with the intention of booking a service. And based upon our own data, 42 percent of bookings happen when a business is closed. These shifting engagement patterns mean that small businesses should change to catch potential buyer interest. Pingup makes business listings in google and directory sites actionable, permitting buyers to easily request appointments with your more info business clients directly from search engine result, your website, social media or email.

"The award-winning Pingup Marketing Network includes Yahoo, Bing, Google, Facebook and others. Amazon's Alexa platform is also enabled, giving consumers many ways to get in touch with your company across all digital touchpoints. The Pingup Marketing Network makes organic search listings actionable on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and others. Being Bookable in search engine result distinguishes business listings from rivals and helps attract more potential customers. Pingup Bookable continually optimizes the booking flow and delivers upwards of 25 percent conversion rates. Pingup Bookable delivers new customer requests via email or text message as quickly as they are acquired.

"Pingup works with leading internet search engine to enable a booking button on organic search business listings. This button goes to an optimized booking page on Pingup.com, allowing a consumer to easily request an appointment with the local merchant. The merchant has the option of receiving these booking requests via email or text message to confirm them," concluded Kundahl.

If you wish to discuss how you can profit from Pingup marketing, then give us a call today so we can find out more about your business.

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